Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy Montana Weather!

We have a saying here: "If you don't like the weather - wait 5 minutes."  I remember more than one occasion in this valley when it was 82 degrees one day and snow flakes falling the next! I love the Spring because it's very common to be in a torrential downpour while the sun is shining brightly! One big isolated cloud will be gushing it's contents while the rest of the sky is clear and blue. It's beautiful!

Last week we had a sunny snow storm. Snowflakes falling in the sun is a surreal sight. These flakes were "falling" horizontally! They painted the south side of all the trees, then the wind stopped and left everything as bright and calm as before against the backdrop of a bright blue sky.

Like most other places, we used to get a lot more snow on the average than we do these days. But last winter we got dumped on pretty hard.

This is my husband and oldest son shoveling off the garage and lean-to.

Our mailboxes.

Daniel with his prized icicle.

The road to my house.

A view from my deck.

Dad, finding his sidewalk.

A cold day on the ski slopes.

Here are a few more frosty day pictures:

And of course, where there is crazy weather - there are crazy people! This is the annual Polar Plunge held on New Year's Day on Flathead Lake. Some years, ice has to be broken up for the "crazies" to get in the water. The guy sitting in the water in the center of the second picture, is my husband. (We're only related by marriage. :-))

Now you know why I grew up preparedness-minded! The snow last winter typifies what every winter was like - and often we had a lot more than that. I knew to never get in the car and leave without having a pair of boots, warm hat, mittens and face scarf, a blanket, and basic first aid and emergency kits. It could be clear and mild when you left the house, but we knew the weather could change dramatically within a very short time. Living several miles out of town, up steep gravel roads with only our home and my grandparent's ranch at the end of it, I had to leave the car in the snow and walk the last mile on more than one occasion! Our road was not the county snowplow's top priority when a blizzard hit. And there were no cell phones. 

I'm grateful for having been taught to take responsibility for myself and others, and to be as prepared as possible for whatever situation I might find myself in. As I've traveled and lived in more populated areas, the matches and pocket knife I ALWAYS have in my purse, have been the topic of many good-natured chidings. But I, and many others, have sure been glad they were there on a whole lot of occasions! 

Most of us live where there is food, water and shelter always around us. It's so easy to take the convenience for granted and then be caught off guard when they are gone. The blizzards, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes and power-outages that have been happening around the globe, are prompting many more people to plan for the unexpected. And then there are the others - who watch the news in amazement, but don't think it will ever happen to them. Or maybe just haven't made it a high enough priority to take inventory and start stocking up yet. Please start preparing now, and if you've already begun - keep going! A lot of people around you will be in need if a disaster strikes. Preparedness is Peace of Mind!

It's better to have it and not need it - 
than need it and not have it!


  1. Hello Susan! It is a mighty beautiful place where you live.But the amount of snow you have to put up with that is not my "cup of tea".
    I was born in a very flat country ( somewhere in Europe) and my dreams were always the mountains. But at this time and age I don't think I would want to live there in the winter! But still is very beautiful and certainly add to your SELF-RELIENT self!
    Thanks for the comment in my blog, left you message there also! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! LOVE: julia/blue bird :)

  2. That's beautiful! I know it's cold and inconvenient, but snow and ice always look so pretty in pictures.

  3. O.M.G.! ok you've convinced me not to go there...

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!! I'll post some summer pictures later and you'll know why this valley is a huge Resort spot!! We love Canadians because they are here vacationing year-round - made many good friends over the years. They come to ski in the winter and for the Lakes and Glacier Park in the summer. Maybe you all should come and visit! :)

  5. Great photos! I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but I do love the snow in photography... it's so quiet and pristine.

  6. Hi Susan~ your pics of winter time are beautiful! I love that shot of the mailboxes. You're right~ preparedness doesn't hurt one bit. I've only been to Montana in the summer/fall & I do have to say... you have a beautiful state. We just got snow here Sunday night~ but only on the mountain tops. Our valley is pretty low, so we don't get much in town. That polar plunge looks like fun... but coooold!

  7. Cold is something you get accustomed to, like anything else. You have warm clothes, a warm fire, and all the other things that actually make it pleasant. I grew up skiing, snowmobiling, sledding/tubing (see my post Oct. 21, 09- "The Ultimate Kid's Toy" for some great memories!) and just a whole lot of playing in the snow, so winter was always my FAVORITE season! Now - well, I think it's because I'm too busy to enjoy it as much, it's not as high on the list! But I still love it.



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