Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Montana Weather!

After showing you all what winter can be like here, it seems only fair to give you a little glimpse of some other weather! This valley is a resort destination. For being so far north (about 60 miles from Canada), and inland, it has exceptionally mild weather. The elevation is low, the mountains around it are high, and Flathead Lake is so large that it creates a thermal effect. Huge cherry crops are shipped out of this valley every summer.

The rainbows in the picture above are in front of a "wall" of weather rolling in. That "wall" is hiding a tall mountain range behind it. This evening photo was taken from Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort (Used to be Big Mountain).

Flathead Lake is one of the crowning jewels of the area. It's the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi at 26 miles long. The next 3 are all of Flathead Lake. I only have a point-and-shoot, so if you want to see endless professional quality photos of this area, google the Flathead Valley, Glacier National Park, Montana, or Kalispell, Whitefish or Bigfork Photo studios. It really is a photographer's dream destination (Did you hear that Nikon Sniper Steve? :)).

I love this little barn. I just snapped this shot a few weeks ago and the grass wasn't green yet. The lake is long, and this picture is looking across it from side to side with one of it's many islands in the background. With over 2000 bodies of water - lakes, rivers and streams - we live in a sportsman's paradise, and a vacationer's dream!

My little Cub Scout.

Crazy boys at the lake.

A late summer hay cutting.

After a forest fire. This is an 8 year-old burn. Most of the black has been washed off the trees by weather.

This is the same view from my deck that was in the Crazy Weather post with my husband and son shoveling snow.

My summertime yard, with fire pit.

The yard again, and woodshed when it's empty.

Me, on a bike ride with my son to Cliff Lake.


  1. Oh my gosh..that is soooo gorgeous! I think I really want to live in Montana!! I am stunned.

  2. the lake is beautiful! makes me want to buy a home there if it wasn't for all the snow.

  3. Stunning... would love to visit your beautiful state in the summer! Currently planning to avoid the cold and snow.

  4. Gorgeous scenery, Montana is beautiful.

  5. You live in a gorgeous area! I always wanted to live in Montana when I was little. Then I visited South Carolina and drove through the Appalachian Mountains and hated them! LOL! We plan a family trip out west within the next few years though. That way I can see what a huge difference (I'm sure) there is between the Rockies and the other mountains! Thanks for the gorgeous pics!

  6. I think your camera takes fantastic shots! very clear and what a lovely area. the mountains are gorgeous!!

  7. I would love to be that kid at the lake~ woohoo!
    Look at your yard... you are so lucky!
    And, your state of course is beautiful. I've spent a few weeks there... traveling solo & loved it.

  8. You live in a gorgeous area! i have never been there, i only visited california, arizona, nevada and utah. but when i come back again, i will visit montana..... in my head there is a story with dorothy and red shoes... isnt that in montana????

  9. No sundownerin! Dorthy lived in Kansas! Kansas is in the center of the states and is flat - that's why it gets tornadoes.

    I'm glad you all like the pictures so much! I can't take credit for the beauty of course, I'm just blessed to live here. If any of you ever come this way to visit - PLEASE let me know! I'd love to meet you with only air space between us! :)

  10. Just beautiful. I so enjoyed visiting your little piece of Montana!

  11. We had a double rainbow the other night but I couldn't get to anywhere with a decent view to get a good picture.

    If you continue to have trouble with photo uploads give me a holler and I'll try to help you troubleshoot..



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