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handbook on how to begin or complete 

Being prepared doesn't have to be complicated. I'll walk you through easy steps to having a storage of food and supplies that you can live on, even COMFORTABLY, in times of crisis. When you have a clear and simple plan, you have PEACE OF MIND. No need to stress about how to start or where to go from here. The Preparedness is Peace of Mind storage handbook has everything you need to make a plan and make it happen!

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 See the Forward, Introduction, and Table of Contents Below. 

This book is unique. There are many preparedness resources on the internet and bookshelves, but they are all either fat and comprehensive manuals covering every preparedness topic from A to Z, or they are SURVIVAL guides. Rather than show you how to survive when disaster strikes, I want to show you how to calmly prepare before it happens. Don't wait!

Better to ELIMINATE STRESS, than learn to COPE with it!

Whether in group settings or one-on-one, I've been teaching others for many years how to gather and use a livable storage. I've gone in their homes, showed them creative ideas, and helped them to adapt plans to fit their needs. It's been a blessing to watch each person or family realize the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

Inside you'll find straight to-the-point information with no fillers and fluff! It's friendly, easy to read and follow. Including tools like:

Simple brainstorming guide
Useful idea lists
Self-assesment questionnaire
Inventory Sheets
Helpful tips and ideas
Simplification strategies
Buying tips
and Many years of first-hand experience!

You can't go wrong with this Preparedness Handbook! 

The very LOW PRICE makes it affordable to everyone! 

Have you ever picked up an intriguing book on self-sustained living and WISHED you could live like that? But as you read about their solar panels, farm animals, gardens and orchards, how they make everything from scratch, sew all their own clothes, and churn their own butter, you realize it's not going to happen for you! You have a great job in the city. You live and work in a small town community. You're allergic to animal fur and have terrible hay fever! It would require a complete life change that's just not feasible. Not everyone can move to the country and take up pioneering! So what do the rest of us do? We do just what this storage preparedness handbook simply explains!

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I wrote it because I've been asked by so many friends to please share all the things I've learned and live by. I didn't write it by researching a topic so I'd have a product to sell! I wrote it from the 40+ years of practice and knowledge that's in my head and my heart. I truly have a desire to help others live with peace of mind and avoid unnecessary struggle and suffering in a time of crisis. Whether that's because your source of income was cut off, or because a natural disaster struck. We've consumed our storage and replaced it many times over the years through financial ups and downs. Necessity is the best teacher! This storage preparedness handbook is filled with practical and well-tested information.


I've lived in almost all circumstances! I grew up on a farm, raising every basic farm animal, churning butter, gardening, canning, sewing, and improvising much of what we needed. I've also lived in the city, had my share of apartment dwelling, and lived in a regular house on a block in a neighborhood. I took my learning with me where ever I went and adapted it to work. That's why this book is chock full of so many useful and creative ideas for every situation. EVERYONE can do something to be better prepared. Learning from the disasters of the past decade, it seems the folks in the cities end up in the greatest need. This storage preparedness handbook will show you how to be prepared ANYWHERE!

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The Preparedness Is Peace Of Mind storage handbook is priced for everyone! This is a rock-bottom price for an instructional e-book! As you discover how valuable and vitally important for our time this information is, I hope you will send others to this website for their own copy!


  1. Your tag above says $7, but it came up as $17 on my paypal account. Which price is correct?

  2. Cindi - please email me at so I can contact you!

  3. Why do you contact people privately, when the issue is the same for everyone?
    You advertise a product for $7 and then charge $17.

  4. Dear "Anonymous" - the 'private' contact was so I could send $10 back to Cindi. It was a problem in my E-Junkie account - which manages the payments. The problem has been fixed. The cost is only $7.00!



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