Monday, November 26, 2012

Inexpensive Gift Ideas!

Christmas is coming! I love Christmas. I decided it's time to come back to my blog and pick up the fun where I left off. Just too many awesome ideas out there and I want to get in on the sharing! I love giving and receiving homemade gifts more than anything. And since so many of us are on a shoe-string budget, I thought I'd pass on some great ideas that I've come up with and have gotten from other wonderfully creative people also. Here are a few of my favorites...

Cupcaking has become a popular activity. This is a great idea for a cupcaker on your Christmas list. A Cupcake kit!
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You can find it at a great website called  The 36th Avenue.

These look really simple and fun to make, from the same wonderful website. Paperclip earrings! You could make them a million different ways!

This is a pair of my own that a friend made for me. She added seed beads to a color-wrapped paperclip. The possibility of colors and shapes are endless here!

Here's a great Beefy Bean Soup Mix from delish-dot-com. I love jar recipies. Last Christmas we made soup and homemade cocoa mixes in jars for friends and family.

And don't forget to click on the "Gifts" category to look at my gift ideas with things like
Easy Homemade Soap...

 Tic Tac Toe games...

Your own shirt designs...

...and a lot more, like hand dipped candles, painted flower pots, fabric crafts...

And of course, 25 gift ideas to give that will help those you love be more prepared and have greater peace of mind this Christmas!


  1. You have shared really amazing gift ideas before it I never heard this kind of ideas.

  2. Love all the awesome ideas. I gave my niece scrapbooking paper scissors fancy ribbons and glue in a gift basket this year!

  3. I continuously keep on coming to your site again just in case you have posted new contents.Stocking Stuffer Ideas



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