Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oil Pulling - An Interesting Health Technique

I've recently learned of a unique natural health and healing technique. It's called "Oil Pulling". People claim to have experienced a great variety of healing and health benefits from it. It's really simple to do and is only the cost of a little oil.

In all my natural health experience, I've never come across this before, but the principle makes sense to me. For the past 20 years or so, I've studied natural healing techniques like Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Body Talk, Polarity Balancing, Therapeutic Touch and others. I also make my own tinctures, poultices, healing salves, herbal teas and I wild-harvest a lot of the herbs that we use. It has served us well. My 3 teenage boys have never been to a doctor for an illness.The healthier we are, the more independent we are!

Oil Pulling works on the principle of "drawing". There are black salves or "drawing salves" that you use topically to pull infections, poisons, even cancers, out through the skin. Certain poultices can also pull out toxins and infections. Alkaline substances, like baking soda, have a drawing effect. Baking soda works well on bee stings, cold sores, impetigo, etc. Oil Pulling is done by swishing oil in your mouth. The tissues of the gums, and especially under the tongue, are very permeable. As you swish the oil, it draws out impurities and toxins from your body.

Some of the claims listed, are that Oil Pullling has healed, or been the solution to: headaches, bronchitis, tooth pain, cavities, whitens teeth, thrombosis, eczema, ulcers and diseases of the stomach, intestines, heart, blood, kidney, liver, lungs, arthritis, fibromyalgia and women's diseases -to name only some. It's claimed to heal diseases of the nerves, paralysis, encephalitis, prevents the growth of malignant tumors, and heal cuts and other injuries. Basically, if you clean out your body, whatever ails you should improve or go away, unless it's a physical injury. But even healing of injuries is enhanced when the body is healthy.

It's not an over-night "magic pill". But should be done daily for an extended  period of time to see results. Put a little oil in your mouth in the morning and gently swish for 20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse your mouth. The oil should be foamy white, or yellow, at that point and full of all the impurities it's been extracting. I use cold pressed organic coconut oil. It's solid, but melts as soon as it's in my mouth. I've only been doing it for a short time, and don't have any known or noticable "ailments" currently, so I don't know what I'll experience, but I'm sure I can use some cleaning and detoxifying just like everyone else! I'll keep you posted if anything note-worthy happens. You know, like if I grow an extra arm or something!

There are a few different kinds of oils recommended as best to use, techniques and details on how to go about it, and other things that are worth reading up on. Rather than go into greater detail here, I'll recommend that you Google "Oil Pulling" and have fun reading the different info and results people have had. No one should be trying to sell you anything, unless you want to know more about the deep workings and principles behind the treatment, and want to buy a book. There is one I've found that comes highly recommended: Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife. If you try this out and have some great result, we'd all love to hear about it! Happy swishing.


  1. How very interesting! Is it hard to keep in going for 20 minutes?

  2. Tastes horrible. I've done it for years. When my brother has a toothache I make him do it with a couple drops of clove oil mixed in. It completely numbs the area and relieves pain, while removing the toxins.

  3. TS H. - Thanks! That's an interesting idea. If you've done it for years, have you had any benefits? I use Clove oil to rub on the neck when there is a sore throat or swollen lymph glands. It absorbs in and kills any infection.

  4. Goodwife - At first my mouth got tired, but then I read in an article that if your mouth gets tired, you are working at it too hard. Swish gently, and use your tongue to push the oil through your teeth. That was much easier.

  5. As for the taste, the cold pressed coconut oil was pretty pleasant - I thought. It has a slightly coconut taste.

  6. Hmm, I may try this. I don't have any health issues either, but I'm sure I've got some toxins swimming around!

  7. I did my first oil pull this morning. I only lasted 10 minutes because my mouth got tired (now, I know that means I'm working too hard).

    Some immediate results...
    My facial skin became very sensitive. Normally, I put 10 drops of orange oil and 2 -3 drops of lavender oil. I couldn't do it today. My cheeks and lip area BURNED!! I put some on my neck, but this time, only 3 drops of orange oil and 1 drop of lavendar and let any residue get on the rest of my face.

    Geez... I hope this isn't typical for me. I really enjoy having tough skin since it allows me to try many different things.

  8. Hi Peace Omen!
    Did you put the essential oils IN the swishing oil? Or you put them on your face? I'm interested to know your experience! Usually when I've done any kind of cleansing, at first things get more sensitive or I get either flu-like or cold/head cold symptoms. That's a normal part of cleansing. As the toxins and garbage are flushing, they dump into your system and you feel "sick" as they are flushing through. That's a GOOD sign! :D I'd encourage you to stick with it until the symptoms are gone. Keep me posted!

  9. Thanks for a good article about Oil Pulling

  10. i did it for the first time yesterday because i have horrible tooth pain and i went to endodontist yesterday and he said i have a pocket in my gum. Someone told me to try oil pulling on Stop the thyroid maddness. The only thing, can oil pulling cause your throat to be sore, more from the outside, not infection. Feels maybe like my lymph nodes.

  11. I really don't know the answer to that Meggy. It draws toxins out, into the oil. I can't see logically how that can make your throat sore - are your talking sore muscles from working it? Maybe you are somehow working those muscles when you swish?

    You really don't have to work at it very hard. Just gently push the oil back and forth in your mouth.



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