Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Light - One More Idea (Addendum!)

Another great idea for either long or short-term alternative lighting is outdoor solar lights. For those of you who didn't see the comment left by "Kristy", she mentioned using those after Hurricane Ike. If you are lucky enough to have sun during the day, charge them up and then bring them indoors at night. I had intended to include that option and then forgot about it, so thank you Kristy for the insightful comment!

I don't have any experience with outdoor solar lights. I'm wondering if they need direct sunlight, or if they'll charge even on a cloudy day. Does anyone know? I'd love some comments if you have experience or knowledge about that.

And look at all the options! With ambiance like this, I think they would be a very soothing alternative during a crisis. Maybe I'll start using them - crisis or not! And save a lot of money on electric bills at the same time.


  1. My experience with outdoor solar lights is, as you say, 'ambiance'...they aren't really very bright, but more of a glow. Very pretty, especially would be nice for indoor lighting, but not bright enough to really 'light things up'.

  2. They don't charge well on a cloudy day, so that is a drawback. If you get the blue lights, they're brighter than the orange ones and seem to last longer. Like Joe said, they're not like a lightbulb, more like a nightlight.

  3. Thanks Joe and Kristy - Sounds like they might get at least "some" charge on a cloudy day? I guess if you're in the dark otherwise, it's better than nothing. That's good to know about the blue being better.

  4. I just found your blog through Joe. I love learning stuff like this, so thanks for writing it all down!

  5. Recently ran across this idea and thought I'd share:

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