Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Best Blog Award Picks

Thanks again to Terria of Daily Good for honoring me with the Best Blog award. It's not very easy choosing my favorite blogs out of the many wonderful blogs created by very talented and creative people. There are SO many, with such a variety of content and style, but here are 15 that stand out to me as "Best Blogs", each for a uniqueness that I appreciate. Not in any particular order:

Over Good Ground - Beautiful!!! AND, she raises goats :-)

Bush Babe - A part of me feels at home with her.

The Hermitage - Art, fantasy, a true adventure.

Katney's Kaboodle - I love her photos

TRUE NORTH - I'd like to see more posts because I love what he does.

Are You Sure You Want To Eat That? - Lots of great info on a topic that is useful and interests me.

Marking The Path
- He's insightful, real, and sincere.

Southern Home Moments - Upbeat and positive, well done personal blog.

A Cheery Disposition
- I like her style

A Heart 4 Heaven - She hasn't written a lot yet, but what she has, is beautiful.

Sending Postcards - Great pictures, fun to travel with them.

Choose Joy - Real, Honest, Inspiring

A Lily Among Thorns - A beautiful person who truly loves the Lord.

Metamorphosis - An energetic thinker - like me! With a REAL life.

Creative World - I've dabbled a little in pottery and really enjoy the beauty she creates.

Thank you to all of you out there who are willing to share a little of yourself with the rest of us!


  1. Susan, while I really appreciate the thought and I am glad you like my pictures, some time ago I made the decision to make my blog a no tag zone. Since I won't pass this along to fifteen other blogs, you are welcome to choose someone else if you think it important to keep it going. Again, thank you for the honor.

  2. You asked why the comment appeared here and in my blog as well. Because I copied it and pasted it in both. I didn't think you would see the explanation over there, but thought it should be responded to there.

  3. May this California goat loving, chicken keeping, dog owned Farmlady extend her thanks for honoring her with this award.
    I don't usually send these awards on to others but I accept this honor and I might just send this one on to a few of my blog friends.
    It's nice to be acknowledged. Thank you so much.

  4. Susan, I accept this award and thank you. I plan on passing this honor on. I believe it is important to encourage one another, and what can be more encouraging to a blogger than to have a fellow blogger tell them how much they like their blog.

  5. Gosh - just found this and very honoured... Thanks for including me on your list!



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