Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Soap Making Supplies

In my search for soap making supplies, I learned that not all soap base is created equal. Not only did the prices vary greatly, but the ingredients used can be as individual as those using them. I wanted good, natural ingredients. I avoid things like Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laurel Sulfate.

Propylene Glycol has been found to cause damage to the liver, kidneys and other organs. Industrially, it comes with warnings not to let it touch your skin or inhale the fumes. It is the main component of antifreeze and engine coolants, fiberglass, imitation vanilla, and is found in most of our shampoos, toothpaste, lotions, other cosmetic products and many commercially processed foods. But the FDA has determined that very small amounts (in any one given product) doesn't pose any known health risks, except to cats. If you've washed your hair, brushed your teeth and eaten a dozen or so food products containing it all in one day, I wonder if that's considered a "very small amount".

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or Sodium Laurth Sulfate, is a sudsing agent, or a detergent, and is highly corrosive. It has been found in testing to damage the liver, brain and other vital organs, and is considered one of the most dangerous ingredients used in body and bath products. The FDA gives it the same sanction as Propylene Glycol, because unfortunately in our country, the primary focus is on money, not health. Do a Google search on either chemical, or any other ingredient you are suspicious of in your food or "health and beauty" products. Your skin is like a huge sponge. What goes on it, goes in it. Here's a site that gives a quick overview of SLS.

Soap base makers begin with glycerin and then create their own recipes from there. The majority of the sites I shopped on included chemicals that I didn't want. Some were loaded with lots of natural ingredients, plant extracts and oils but they were expensive.

I was thrilled to find Cierra Candles. She sells candle and soap making supplies. Her soap base ingredients are simple and pure, no scary chemicals, and her prices are great. So I thought I'd save you all the trouble I went through of searching and comparing dozens of sources.

Having good health is a very important factor in being self-reliant and prepared. If we are dependent upon doctors, we are not self-reliant. We are stuck in that trap of having to comply in order to get what we need. It's important to exercise, eat whole natural foods the way the Lord made them, and read labels! Good health is peace of mind.


  1. Awesome, I was looking all over for soap supplies and got overwhelmed and gave up. I bought some expensive health food store stuff. Thanks for the link. Oh and don't forget parabens-linked to breast cancer.:)

  2. Love this!!! I'm all about my own products, I have a line of natural and organic soaps and lotins and will give this website a try..I will also give the tooth paste/powder a try...I making my own things, have you tried your own laundry detergent yet...Thanks for stopping by my site.

  3. I agree with this as I too have recently made many soaps when I learnt the soap making class.



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