Saturday, June 5, 2010

After Rain

I just couldn't resist. It's so many shades of fluorescent green here in June. We've had a lot of rain lately and when it stopped yesterday evening there was an eerie glow about everything. I snapped a few shots in and around the yard. I hope you don't mind this little side trip!

This is a wild Sarvis Berry bush - sometimes called June Berries. They are scattered throughout our woods and I've got a couple at the edge of my yard. The berries are good to eat right off the tree, and make good jam, also. There will be lots of berries this year.  :)

Some garlic chives growing with the flowers.


  1. Yikes! More beautiful Montana pics!
    Thanks for sharing them, I love it!!

  2. Hi Susan: lovely post! Those shots really look so refreshing as the flowers are looking after rain.
    Good for you: we have a dry spell and would need some rain on Long Island.
    May be by Wed. this dryness will break. Love: Julia/bb :)